The Biomedical Breakfasts are...

...very informal events on a weekly basis where people gather to meet and discuss a diverse range of topics. Once a month we invite a VIP guest speaker to lecture on a topic of their choosing.  We have had an illustrious group of speakers to date:

  1. Dietrich Stephan, Ph.D. – Head of Genetics at Pitt
  2. Chris Molineaux - CEO of PA Bio
  3. Debra Lam - Chief Innovation Officer of the City of Pittsburgh
  4. Jim Jordan – COO of the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse
  5. Ned Uber – Device Research and Early Development, Bayer Healthcare, LLC
  6. Bruce Peacock – Has been CEO or CFO of 3 biotech companies, each valued at more than $1 Billion, currently a Venture Partner with SV Life Sciences Advisers, LLC
  7. Alan Russell – Executive Director of Disruptive Health Technologies Institute and Chief Innovation Officer of Highmark, Inc.
  8. Max Fedor – Executive Director of The Coulter Program at Pitt
  9. Neil Campbell – CEO of Helomics
  10. Tom Petzinger – co-founder of LaunchCyte and Chief Business Officer of Knopp Biosciences
  11. Babs Carryer – Director of Education and Outreach, University of Pittsburgh’s Innovation Institute
  12. Peter Johnson, MD – Principal of MedSurg PI, LLC and Tissue Engineering Pioneer
  13. Uwe Winzen - global marketing manager for The Lubrizol Corporation, a specialty chemical company
  14. Karen Hacker - Director of Allegheny County Health Department
  15. Brian McVeigh and Keith Marmer - Founders of SG3 Ventures
  16. Heather Bresch - CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals