Recruiting and staffing, pre-seed to VC funding introductions, HIT valuation apps, sellers and buyers, and the Future of Neurodegeneration therapeutics all over breakfast. In an hour and a half every week, I meet 1/3 of my portfolio company CEOs and keep updated on their progress. Besides keeping the “momentum” going, the personal relationship building is essential to efficiently growing the eco-system. Thanks to Christian Manders, PA Bio and the PTC for supporting this program!
— Larry Miller, Executive in Residence at Innovation Works
The Biomedical Breakfast meetings have become one of the most meaningful networking opportunities that I currently access in the Pittsburgh area. The group provides a much needed community among life sciences executives, and those who provide support to us and our companies. An excellent mix of structured “VIP” invitations, with informal and unstructured time to be with colleagues seems just right.

Building a life sciences company is hard at best. Building a critical mass of life sciences companies in Pittsburgh is an additional challenge that companies in more established markets don’t face. The Biomedical Breakfast is one of those intangible sources of energy, community, connection and synergy that makes a difficult task more enjoyable, more fun, more possible. When we look back, those of us who were involved in this phase of the development of life sciences in Pittsburgh will know the role that was played by this group, these advocates, and the sense of community that was created.
— Scott Sneddon, President and CEO of Sharp Edge Labs
Biomedical Breakfasts is the single most valuable resource I’ve found for growing my student organization and furthering my own professional development. Networking and fundraising at the breakfasts tripled my organization’s membership and operating budget in less than 1 year. I also met dozens of mentors from industry who helped me to refine my own career aspirations, improve my job search and networking plan, and land my first job before I graduated the PhD program. These Breakfasts are a must for any Pittsburgh student or trainee in the life sciences.
— Robert Allen, PhD and former head of The University of Pittsburgh’s student Bioengineering Innovation & Commercialization Program
The Pittsburgh-based Biomedical Breakfasts serve as an invaluable resource to spur new business opportunities, leverage networks, and learn about the latest trends affecting the life science industry. Through the VIP speaker’s program, attendees have the added benefit of obtaining a quick education on a variety of subjects that can ultimately improve their decision-making in unfamiliar or daunting situations. I wholeheartedly endorse the Biomedical Breakfasts as it is clear that Pittsburgh is recognized as a robust and emerging market to watch!
— Alethea Wieland, Managing Director, SCOPE International USA, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
We regularly attend the Pittsburgh Biomedical Breakfast Group Tuesday morning meetings at Marty’s Market in the Strip District. The meetings provide a relaxed forum to meet professionals, university students and small business owners who are making an impact on the economics of Pittsburgh. The Biomedical Breakfast also has monthly, high-level VIP speakers who provide unique insight on the local Bio/Medical Device landscape as well as legislative and innovation updates.
— Scott Bednar, CEO QA/RA Consulting Group
For over a year, the biomedical breakfast has been a mainstay for our fledgling medical device startup, CerebroScope. My transition from the academic world to an entrepreneurial enterprise has been greatly helped by the numerous contacts generated, not only by the “I-know-a-guy” Christian Manders, but just hanging out with the great variety of biomedically-interested attendees from students to CEO’s, spanning financial, legal, engineering, and regulatory expertise. The list goes on, all providing help, advice, and mentorship, in addition to the benefit of shared experiences. This help has been crucial in submitting proposals, navigating IP issues, with business organization, and developing future contacts. Whatever the problem of the week, someone always has an answer, either partial or complete, to help out until the next one.
— Stephen C. Jones, PhD, CerebroScope, Co-Founder and Managing Partner
My experience as a speaker at BioBreakfast was exceptional. I was able to broaden my awareness of the medical technology under development in Pittsburgh at academic institutions as well as local entrepreneurial companies. I would highly recommend this as a superior networking event.
— Bruce Peacock, Venture Partner with SV Life Sciences Advisers, LLC
The Biomedical Breakfast forum is the easiest and most accessible way for life sciences entrepreneurs in Southwestern Pennsylvania to network with their peers. These informal gatherings have enabled Circadiance to identify local talent and resources for all dimensions of our business.
— David Groll, CEO of Circadiance
I have loved attending the PGH Biomedical Breakfasts on my visits home to Pittsburgh. I grew up in Pittsburgh, graduated from Pitt Law and am an in house biotech attorney. The Breakfasts have been the most valuable and efficient way to connect to key members of the biotech industry locally. CEOs, founders, scientists, graduate students and business leaders in the community are regular attendees. It’s the ideal convenient, low pressure and high value event for the industry.
— Betsy Duckett, Director, Legal Affairs, RainDance Technologies, Boston, MA